About Us

Ceri Shepherd

Our investment style is so long term and so few trades that we simply do not need armies of people and banks of Neural Network computers running the latest Algorithms. Since January 1st 1995 our system has produced just 7 trades,that is all.

WE RIDE THE BIG TRENDS WITH LIMITED MARGIN. Most days we never look at the markets there is simply no point.

We have a signal, we have a trend, THAT IS ALL WE NEED.

Nobody can predict the market short term with any consistency, it is simply not possible and  back in my early days, i tried. You are just paddling around in the market noise. It is why day traders and all short term traders hardly ever make any money, just Google “successful Day Traders” NOTHING APPEARS !

Our Office operates within Cams Hall a 300 year old grade 2 listed Georgian Mansion located in Fareham, England.