Trendinvestor Capital Management

We claim that our Trendinvestor Capital Management – S&P 500 system has produced results over the last 26 years since inception, that make it without doubt one of the worlds best Investment Systems.

$50,000 to over $461 Million in just 26 years!

From $50,000 on 01/01/1995, to $461,654,790 on 31/12/2020

26 Year Average Annual Gain = +42.07% per year, 2020 Results = +82.09%

Our signals are for the S&P 500. Using products such as the SPY or S&P 500 E-Mini or full size futures contracts, Spreadbets and CFD,s. We are very long term trend followers, we are investors and not traders, and truly believe theĀ “Trend is, your friend”. Hence our name Trendinvestor.

The secret of our success is to be on the correct side of the markets over a considerable period of time, using limited margin, and simply let the wonders of compound interest grow the account.